100 / ERH


- Solid vibration-damping cast design

- Secure 2-hand control

- Back gear drive

- Wet clutch/brake combination

- No-play cylindrical roller guided ram

- Automatic central lubricating system

- Hydraulic release mechanism

- Ram weight compensation

- Semiautomatic stroke adjustment 

  (The stroke can be adjusted within 8 seconds)

  Pneumatic ventilation of the gearing and 

  setting of the new stroke using a hand crank

Technical specifications:

Press force: 1,000 kN

Throat: 360 mm

Strokes/min.: 60

Stroke adjustable from – to: 20 –130 mm

Table surface: 920 x 690 mm

Drop hole in the table: 290 x 170 mm

Ram size: 580 x 400 mm

Installation height: 370 mm

Stroke length at bottom, ram adjustment at top

Ram adjustment: 100 mm

Mortice size in ram:  ø 50 mm

Approx. weight: 7,600 kg

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