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Always in touch with the latest trends

Short lead times, flexibility, development support, process reliability, 24 hour service and a slick spare parts and maintenance service – fulfilling the most varied customer needs is the basic requirement we must deal with in our daily business activities.

In addition to the team’s know-how, close cooperation with prestigious universities and vocational colleges guarantees our ability to meet every requirement. Expertise in all areas – for global competitiveness.

1990 First Servo-driven roll feeding system
1994 Introduction of the profiled rail system for presses
1995 Remodelling of all C-frame press models to rapid stroke adjustment and the profiled rail system
1996 First Servo-driven transfer unit
1996 First straightener-feeder unit
1996 First press with Slow-Motion drive via noncircular gears
1997 First press filled with vibration-damping mineral casting
2001 Introduction of the vibration-damping mineral casting
2001 First multifunction press
2001 First coil feeding system in long-design
2004 First 10,000 kN press
2005 First cassette straightening machine
2005 First Servo press
2006 First Space uncoiler
2007 First 8,000 kN Servo press
2008 First 16,000 kN 4-point press
2013 First linear-driven transfer unit